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Ideas Anonymous #19

Are we getting too polarised and should we do something about it? What should take priority, human rights or environmental rights? These were some of the questions discussed at the last Ideas Anonymous. 

One of the participants presented the outcomes of their idea generation exercise and an idea around smart street lights that only turn on when people walk underneath them was discussed. 

We also talked about engaging with people that are of different opinions to your own to expand your horizon. One ideator suggested reading 3 articles with an opposing view to own to get more perspective.

If you would like to find out more about these ideas and like to get in touch with the ideators, leave a message at Vast Experiences.

Things that came up in conversation

Upcoming Events: 

Early Work Crew

For the next IA we will have a theme for half of the event. Please comment below if there are any themes or questions you would like to explore. 

If you like to come to Ideas Anonymous #20 you can sign up here

Ideas Anonymous

Last night we had our first Ideas Anonymous, the place to discuss ideas. It was so much fun. I loved how open the group was and how different the ideas were. Some of the ideas we discussed were: a decentralised library of things, new ticket systems for events, new ways to engage with people in different suburbs, a washing machine that recycles water, a furniture subscription service, a new way to recycle clothes, a music album to raise money for charity events, a children’s book about animals in the city and a booklet on how to scale your business mindfully. Let me if you like to find out more about the ideas and I can put you in touch with the ideators.

Lots of feedback was given, ideas clarified and many connections made to propel the ideas forward.

The next Ideas Anonymous will be on March 4th. Sign up here to bounce around your ideas:

First Lifegarten at Siteworks

On Sunday, the first Lifegarten Play Time at Siteworks in Brunswick took place. Lifegarten is one of Vast Experiences’ projects aiming to connect humans through play. It’s a kindergarten for a adults, where kidults can explore human connection and gather new perspective while playing in a judgement-free environment. During Sunday’s Play Time session we played improv make believe games and created art works doing finger painting, drawing and crafts. It was amazing to see how everyone re-connected with their inner child. The next Lifegarten Play Time will be on June 17th at Siteworks. You can get your ticket here: Check out for more information.