Ideas Anonymous #14

It was a very community-minded Ideas Anonymous on Wednesday Night.

Here are the ideas that were shared:

  • Creating neighbourhood communities to help one another
  • Navigating opening times of restaurants during COVID
  • Co-working spaces in greenhouses
  • Authentic creative ideations

It turned out to be such a lively and community-minded conversation.  A beautiful idea came from Justine to use sign language to signal that you are smiling when you are behind a mask. If you would like to find out more about these ideas and like get in touch with the ideators, leave a message at Vast Experiences.

Things that came up in conversation:


Good Karma Network

Melbourne Isolation Friends

Is the place open


Digital Innovation Festival

Upcoming Events: Early Work Crew, Creative Happy Hour 

If you like to come to Ideas Anonymous #15 you can sign up here

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