Ideas Anonymous #12

We explored lots of ideas to connect over art, books and food at Ideas Anonymous #12 on Wednesday Night.

Here are the ideas that were shared:

  • Customised artworks for loved ones during COVID
  • Decentralised library for everything
  • BJD dolls with different ethnicities
  • Theatrical food experiences at home

If you would like to find out more about these ideas and like get in touch with the ideators, leave a message at Vast Experiences.

I really enjoyed how open and welcoming everyone was, giving ourselves enough space to explore our ideas from lots of different angles. For the warm up we created paintable musli bars and a magazine about Nutella.

Things that came up in conversation
Art by Olga 
Check out my Shed 
Free to Feed 
The Hatter and the Hare 

Upcoming Events: Early Work Crew

If you like to come to Ideas Anonymous #13 you can sign up here: Feel free to pass the invite around to friends that may be interested.

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