Ideas Anonymous #11

We explored lots of ideas around the circular economy at Ideas Anonymous #11 last night.

Here are the ideas that were shared:

  • Ethical fashion
  • Smart event listing calendar
  • Co-Living with likeminded people
  • Using waste energy of factories to heat and cool the city
  • Nylon hosiery recycling

If you would like to find out more about these ideas and like get in touch with the ideators, leave a message at Vast Experiences.

Almost of all of the conversations we had were related to recycling, repurposing and reusing. It’s fantastic to see that we are moving towards the circular economy. Let’s hope it will get more and more traction.

Things that came up in conversation:
Tech and the City, Calinduu Co-living, Who Gives a Crap, Smart Energy Council, SolarReserve, Planet Ark, Sustainable Engineering Society, Creating Cohousing Book

Upcoming Events: Early Work Crew

If you like to come to Ideas Anonymous #11 you can sign up here. Feel free to pass the invite around to friends that may be interested.

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