Ideas Anonymous #8

Lots of lively discussions at Ideas Anonymous #8 last night.

Here are the ideas that were shared:

  • Reaching out to help teams during COVID
  • Exploring online channels for design thinking workshops
  • Interactive platform to eat healthily and support the environment
  • Opportunities for connection through guided observation
  • Advocacy to encourage more cycling
  • An alternative implementation of festivals during COVID

Favourite quote for the night: “If you like to have more engaging conversation make sure you train yourself to ask questions starting with How and Why instead of What, When and Where”

Things that came up in conversation: 5 Whys, Theory of Change, Eco Caddy, Sounds of Africa Festival, Rob Cot, Good Karma effectTHNK.innovation, Emma May Lang Yoga, Freestyle Cyclists, Nutribe

Upcoming Event’s: Amy Churchouse’ Connection Exploration, Early Work Crew

If you like to come to Ideas Anonymous #9 you can sign up here. Feel free to pass the invite around to friends that may be interested.

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