Ideas Anonymous #6

A very international Ideas Anonymous last night. We gained lots of new insights around climate change, food, art, storytelling, travel and the future of work.

Here are the ideas that were shared:

  • A travel experience while you are staying at home
  • Offline correspondence courses
  • Ideas to convince companies to sign up to carbon net-zero
  • Delicious coffee alternatives 
  • None-for-profit to combat food waste
  • Summarizing articles and books in pictures
  • Ways to measure and improve dignity in the workplaces

Things that came up in conversation: Alain de Botton’s The Art of TravelEmerging Writers FestivalMichael Pollan’s CaffeineLentil As AnythingOz Food HarvestY Waste AppEd Catmull’s Creativity Inc.

Upcoming Event’s Megan Davies’ Story Happy HourHumans, not Strangers no 3: Curious Questions. Meaningful Conversation.Early Work Crew

If you like to come to Ideas Anonymous #7 you can sign up here. Feel free to pass the invite around to friends that may be interested. 

Here is the picture Travis drew during Ideas Anonymous. His Instagram handle is @trav_does_design

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