Vast Experiences Update #1

Welcome to Vast Experiences, the place where you can be yourself and can expand your horizons.  I’m Eike Zeller. I just started a new routine around building Vast Experiences. You can read more about it here. I would like to share my progress in a daily post.   

Playful Ideas

This morning I brainstormed a list of things you can to gain more perspective and get ultimately more out of your life. I wrote about some of these mantras already a few years ago here. I will put together a new post about it soon. Here is the list I have a come up with so far:  

Be curious, Seek to understand, Be childlike, Surround yourself with different people, Live in different places, Explore your ideas, Explore your environment, Meditate, Read broadly, Surprise yourself, Improvise, Be generous, Be kind, Ask why, Explore your body, Learn to detach, Create art, Be grateful, Embarrass yourself, Have deep conversations, Challenge yourself, Play, Be active and take responsibility, Be vulnerable, Participate, Include others, Empower others, Be open, Bring joy, Live in the now, Join and create communities and places to belong

Growing Methods

I’m reading quite a lot but sometimes I have trouble retaining a lot of information from the books. I just read this article on Farnam Street that outlines techniques to improve your understanding of the books you read. I’m going to try out some of them with the next book on my reading list: Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking by Douglas Hofstadter. Speaking of books, Springer Nature is currently offering over 400 textbooks of several disciplines as free eBooks

Creative Experiments

I’d love to use Vast Experiences to showcase world views of diverse people in the form of Zoom interviews. The aim of the interview series is to highlight the uniqueness of the human condition and explore if we all want the same deep down. Let me know if you like to be interviewed or know someone with an interesting perspective by emailing

Connected Discussions

This afternoon I had a meeting with Olga Dziemidowicz from Art by Olga who painted the beautiful background of Vast Experiences’ social media profiles. The painting is called expand your horizons which is fitting very well to Vast Experiences’ mission. Olga walked me through her artistic process when she paints.

Curious Conclusions

We are in isolation for 4 weeks here in Australia and the impact on people seems to grow. The Early Work Crew got pretty emotional this morning. It was pretty moving to see how we all look out for each other. I’m incredibly grateful that we create places where we don’t have to be afraid to be vulnerable and where we can empower each other through this challenging time. If you are facing challenges because of COVID-19, remember none of this is your fault. All of us are in this together and we will come out of this together. I hope you enjoyed what you read here. See you tomorrow.  

Places to Belong

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Only if we can see the world in different ways, we will see how it really is. 
Only if we can see ourselves in different ways, we will see who we really

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