Ideas Anonymous #5

Last night we had Ideas Anonymous number 5. Olga Dziemidowicz from Art by Olga, Noon van der Silk from Braneshop and Paulina Kabaczuk joined in to share their ideas. Some of the ideas we talked about were:

  • Making art more accessible through interactive videos and live streams.   
  • New ways to inspire people to live their lives to their full potential.
  • An interview series to create a showcase people’s unique perspective and inspiring new ways to look at the world.

At the end of the session we committed to produce some content to progress on our ideas, so hopefully we will be able to share at next Ideas Anonymous on Wed, April 29th. We need new ideas and social connections more than ever during this time of physical distance. Sign up here.

Some of us just started an Early Work Crew where we do 90 min of deep work from 7 am on weekdays. It’s complementing Ideas Anonymous quite nicely because it provides some structured time to work on our ideas. If you are interested read this post and join the crew on Monday morning

Have a wonderful day. Stay connected.

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