Vast Experiences is a social enterprise created to inspire and enable people to connect as well as share and expand their perspectives.

In the current climate a lot of things in this world are painted in black and white in order to polarise us for one side or the other. This polarisation is driving us apart. However, our world can be seen in over 7.5 billion colours. Everyone of us sees the world from a different perspective. This diversity is what makes the planet such a beautiful place.

Vast Experiences’ mission is to add more colour to your world by enabling connections and exchange of perspectives. Vast Experiences fosters the creation of new perspectives by offering ways to explore new environments, make new experiences and establish meaningful connections with other humans. The vision is a world that embraces diversity as an essential part of our shared human experience.

Only if we can see the world in different ways, we will see how it really is.
Only if we can see ourselves in different ways, we will see who we really are.