The world is like a giant set of toy building blocks

We are all connected.
We are all unique.
We are all the same.

The world is like an ever-changing set of toy building blocks with 7.5 billion pieces and there are 7.5 billion ways to look at it. We are the pieces. Sometimes it feels that we can’t connect with others. This is only because we are defining us by the way we view the world. Deep down we are all made of the same material, just like the plastic block pieces. If we open ourselves, we realise that there are 7.5 billion pieces with valid views of the world. This is the basis of understanding others.

To be understood is something all pieces desire. If we feel understood, our position or role in this giant set seems a little more validated. Once we are understood, we can connect with others. Once we connected, we have created something unique and share a similar view. We then realise that we all were somewhat connected all along.

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